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What Percentage Of Well and Good’s Ingredients Are Australian?

What Percentage Of Well and Good’s Ingredients Are Australian?

A question the team occasionally gets asked is what percentage of ingredients are locally sourced.

We put a lot of effort into ingredient sourcing, with a big focus on finding Aussie suppliers. Keeping business local boosts our country’s economy. It also shortens our business’ order lead times and reduces our carbon footprint.

Unfortunately, Australia doesn’t grow and make everything, so some of our ingredients have to come from overseas. A big component of most of our mixes is rice flour which is mostly produced in countries like India and Indonesia. That’s why you’ll rarely see 100% Aussie ingredients in our mixes.

Ingredients breakdown by product

To make life easy, we decided to list all our products on one page with their ingredient makeup.

Product% Australian Ingredients
All Purpose Cake Mix 46%
Cheesy Mac Classic Chicken Flavour 75%
Choc Banana Bread Mix 22%
Choc Chip Cookie Mix13%
Chocolate Cupcake Mix58%
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix 29%
Chocolate Mud Cake Mix 50%
Crispy Crumb82%
Crispy Crumb Southern Style 73%
Crusty Bread Mix9%
High Performance Egg Replacer 10%
Lemon Coconut Cake58%
Marble Cake Mix 42%
Multipurpose Muffin Mix 35%
Pastry Flour Blend 30%
Plain Flour Blend30%
Self Raising Flour Blend44%
Seriously Low-Carb Chocolate Cake & Cupcake Mix14%
Seriously Low-Carb Crumb Coating53%
Seriously Low-Carb Seeded Bread Mix45%
Seriously Low-Carb Self-Raising Flour Blend0%
Seriously low-Carb Vanilla Cake & Cupcake Mix15%
Vanilla Cupcake Mix36%
Vegan Cheesy Mac Traditional Cheddar Flavour 74%
Vegan Cheesy Mac Wild About Mushroom74%
Vegan Custard Powder23%
Vegan Meringue Mix10%
Vegan Whipping Cream29%
Bake At Home Artisan Loaf Arrives

Bake At Home Artisan Loaf Arrives

Good news for all you bread-lovers across Australia. Most of the leg-work is already done! We’ve lovingly par-baked the dough in our Melbourne bakery; all you need to do is pop the loaf into an oven for 10 minutes, then slice and eat!

Sandwich on a board

About the range

The team are excited to introduce our new range of bake at home artisan bread. An unsliced loaf that’s soft on the inside and crusty on the exterior. As with all our bread, these loaves are vegan-friendly and are free from gluten, soy, nuts and dairy.

The bake-at-home range is available in three delicious varieties: white, 7 seeds, and olive.

How is this range different?

1. Take advantage of a bake-at-home product

The beauty of “bake-at-home” is that the end user has more control. When you’re ready to eat the bread, it’s a quick blast in the oven to create bread that’s just like fresh bread bought from the bakery!

2. Innovative packaging

Thanks to an innovative gas-flushed bag, we can maximise the freshness of your bread without the need for preservatives. No oygen can get in, and that’s what causes bread to “age”.

3. Online shipping Australia wide

Until now, we have been unable to ship our bread to various parts of Australia due to the shelf life constraints. This artisan range has 20 days of shelf life – well, it’s actually longer but we wanted to be conservative! This allows us to ship to every part of Australia – so noone misses out.

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Prefer to buy in-store?

We’re also working hard to get this artisan bread into retail stores across the country. If online shopping isn’t your thing, visit your local Independent Supermarket and let them know you want the bread in store (if it isn’t there already).

Vegan Cheesy Mac Has Arrived!

Vegan Cheesy Mac Has Arrived!

Macaroni and cheesy sauce combine to create one of those classic dishes that’s popular for good reason – it’s full of flavour, hearty and soul warming.

Our version of Cheesy Mac offers the same qualitites as the original, only it’s vegan, gluten free and has nothing artificial added. Food that’s full of kindness that you can make in minutes.

Cheesy mac range

We’ve created a range of three amazing creamy flavours that takes traditional macaroni cheese and raises it to a new level.

  • Traditional cheddar flavour
  • Wild about mushroom
  • Smokin’ bacon flavour

Cheesy Mac Infographic

Where to buy Cheesy Mac?

The new range of Cheesy Mac is available in Coles, selected independent supermarkets and specialty stores. Prefer to shop online? Visit our online store and get $4 shipping Australia wide!

Gluten Free Banana Bread

Gluten Free Banana Bread

gluten free banana bread

Banana bread, it’s an Australian classic which is hugely popular for it’s taste and texture. You also have the ability to use up all those old bananas in the fruit basket. Did you know that February 23rd is Banana Bread day? That’s right, this humble bread gets its very own day to celebrate and it’s the motivation behind this post.

Skip the info and go straight to the recipe.

A quick history of banana bread

This yummy bread has a clouded history and it is hard to pinpoint when it was invented. It is likely to have first been made in America in the 19th century when baking powder became readily available. Banana bread increased in popularity during the Great Depression in the 1930’s when it was used as an efficient way to use bananas that were going off. Since those days, there have been many new recipes that use lots of different ingredients and extras. Some of these include choc chips, dried fruit and nuts.

In search of a gluten free banana bread

We wanted to develop a recipe for gluten free banana bread. It needed to be a more nutritious version of its predecessor but still taste moist and flavoursome. Nice texture was also a must! By using teff flour and quinoa flour we believe we have set the foundations for a great tasting banana bread. However, you’ll also get much more protein and fibre than recipes that use other ingredients such as wheat flour.

Cooking with raw ingredients doesn’t need to be difficult as you’ll see from our recipe. It’s simply a case of throwing everything in a bowl and mixing. Simple!

So don’t delay another second, get our banana bread recipe now.