Food Allergy Week 2016

Food Allergy Week 2016

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Did you know?

In Australia we are up there as one of the highest countries for incidences of food allergies. Unfortunately the numbers are on the rise; actually, reported incidences are growing at a really high rate. Currently, around 10% of Australians will develop a food allergy. Some of the more common causes of food allergies include tree nuts, peanuts, soy, dairy, gluten and seafood.

We’ve provided below some practical advice for identifying someone who is having an allergic reaction and how to help. This information is also available in infographic format below which was created by

Some common symptoms of an allergic reaction
  • Swelling of the face, lips, eyes, lips, tongue, throat
  • Stomach pain and vomiting
  • Hives and welts
  • Dizziness, collapse, pale and floppy
  • Difficulty breathing
What to do if someone has a moderate reaction
  1. Stay with the person and call for help
  2. Give medications prescribed
  3. Locate an adrenaline injector (if available)
  4. Call their emergency contact
What to do if someone has a severe reaction
  1. Lay the person flat (sit up if they’re having trouble breathing.
  2. Administer the adrenaline autoinjector
  3. Call ambulance
  4. Call emergency contact
  5. After 5 minutes if there is no response or the reaction worsens, administer a second adrenaline autoinjector.
Food Allergy Week 2016

Food Allergy Week 2016

To get more information about Food Allergy Week visit this website.

Food Recall Notice

Well & Good Pty Ltd is conducting a recall of the following products which are sold throughout Australia:

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix Gluten Free Cup Cake Mix Gluten Free Muffin Mix

  • Well & Good Chocolate Mud Cake mix 450g Best Before 03/02/2018
  • Well & Good Cup Cake Mix 510g Best Before 12/02/2018
  • Well & Good Muffin Mix 450g Best Before 15/02/2018

Problem: The Recall is due to the presence of dairy in the above products with the specified Best Before dates.

Cause of problem: An ingredient that was supplied to Well and Good had trace elements of dairy (casein).

Food Safety hazard: Any consumers who have a milk allergy or intolerance may have a reaction if the product is consumed.

What to do: Consumers who have a milk allergy or intolerance should not consume this product and should return the products to the place of purchase for a full refund. Please ensure the Best Before date on your pack matches the dates mentioned above.

We can provide a full assurance that no other products are affected by this recall and the relevant authorities have been notified. The formal process of recall is currently being actioned.

For further information please contact:
Well & Good Pty Ltd.
03 9769-1515

Coeliac Awareness Week is Coming

Coeliac Awareness Week is Coming

Coeliac Awareness Week: March 13-20

In Australia, Coeliac Awareness Week is March 13-20. A big issue in our country is that a large proportion of coeliac sufferers continue undiagnosed. This is far from ideal for the sufferer as it is a progressive disease and the symptoms will continue to worsen.

Coeliac Awareness Week is all about getting people talking about their symptoms, and more importantly, taking action to get themselves checked.

What are the symptoms of Coeliacs Disease?

Coeliac Awareness WeekThere are a lot of potential symptoms and they can vary considerable in each case. Some common symptoms include

  • diarrhoea
  • constipation
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • flatulence
  • cramping
  • bloating
  • abdominal pain
  • fatigue

If you’re getting some of these symptoms then we recommend visiting your GP. There are tests for this disease which are relatively simple. You can find out more about diagnosis and lots more information at the below links.

How is Coeliac Disease treated?

Researchers are working on a cure; however, there are currently no treatments for this disease. The only option is to maintain a gluten free diet. Thankfully there are a lot of resources available for helping out coeliacs and many recipe websites dedicated to living a gluten free life. In addition, the foodservice industry has come a long way and now there are many gluten free food offerings in cafes, restaurants and bakeries.

Further information about Coeliac Disease

Coeliac Australia

Better Health Victoria

Health Direct

Shepherd Works

Yum Gluten Free Magazine

Aldi flour range now includes RAW

Aldi flour range now includes RAW

Aldi Flour

It’s an exciting time for Well and Good with three flours from our Raw Range hitting Aldi stores next week. With an extended Aldi flour range, you’ll be able to purchase Well and Good besan flour, white sorghum flour and brown rice flour from Aldi stores Australia wide.

Benefits of our Raw Ingredients range

Aldi Gluten Free FlourBaking from scratch means taking control of your health and nutrition. Our raw range offers good quality ingredients strictly free from gluten, dairy, egg powders, nuts, sesame seeds, soybeans & shellfish. However, it’s not just about what’s not included in these products – it’s about what is included. Generally, these products are much higher in protein than wheat flours, they’re lower in carbs and packed with protein. So, you can bake a huge range of foods that taste delicious and also include nutritional benefits.

Soft Tortila Wraps

Gluten Free Dosa

What can I cook using the Well and Good Raw range?

You’re able to cook anything that traditional wheat flour lets you cook. It is important to keep in mind that some flours have subtle fragrances or mild flavours that aren’t suitable for every recipe. To get a quick guide to our raw flours check out the following helpful flour guide.

We have also pulled together a range of raw recipes that we’re constantly adding to. Visit our recipes page and click on the raw button to filter for raw recipes.

Here’s one of our favourite recipes which uses a combination of rice flour, besan flour and sorghum flour. It’s a recipe for gluten free Dosa which is a staple of South Indian Cuisine. Click here to get the recipe.

Check out our full range of Raw ingredients here.


Well and Good Winners at FIA Foodservice Awards 2015

Well and Good Winners at FIA Foodservice Awards 2015

Gluten Free Bread Award Winners

Managing Director, Sam Barak receives FIA Award.

Recently the FIA Foodservice Awards took place in Melbourne; an event that recognises integrity, commitment, service and excellence in the Australian foodservice industry.

We had a fantastic night at the awards that showcased some amazing talent and recognised several veterans of the foodservice industry including Bernd Uber (Culinary Teacher and Chief Judge) and Salvatore Malatesta (St Ali and Sensory Lab).

The Well and Good team are really looking forward to next years event already!

Well and Good was proud to win the FIA Foodservice Awards – Foodservice Product of the Year for:

Products entered into the Foodservice Product of the Year categories were judged by a panel of industry leaders including a selection of buyers from a number of distributors, food science /nutritionists, chefs, end users and others as selected by John Day chief judge 2015.

Managing Director, Sam Barak was presented with the Award. We were thrilled to receive this prestigious award despite stiff competition from foodservice innovators such as Unilever and Kagome Aust.

Also in attendance was Technical Director, Mark Tunchon; National Sales Manager Foodservice, Steve Migliorini; Digital Marketing Specialist, Nate Teague.

FIA Foodservice Award Winners