Fully Baked Bread Now Available

Fully Baked Bread Now Available

Gluten Free Baked Bread

Gluten Free Bread, just got better!

Bread is the most basic comfort. For many, it’s an important part of our diet and culture. For people who are Coeliac and gluten intolerant, finding good bread is essential to their well-being!

Well and Good is a business based on customer service, innovation and creating delicious and indulgent products that happen to be gluten free. Getting bread right, without gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and soy means a lot to our team and customers.

Introducing gluten free baked bread by Well and Good

Gluten Free Sandwich BreadSometimes we find an ingredient or technical innovation that is a total game changer. Combining passion and expertise for product development is what our team is best at. Our goal was to create a product that can further raise the bar in gluten free baking innovation. Enter Well and Good Bakery, based in Melbourne. This bakery has allowed us to bring to you a range of fully baked bread that is simply irresistible!

This isn’t a mix – it’s fully baked and ready to eat. After talking to our customers back in 2016, the message was very clear. There simply isn’t a quality gluten free bread range available at a competitive price. We decided to change that. By investing in a purpose built, gluten free bakery we now have the ability to produce a wide range of bread that we’re confident you’ll enjoy.

The initial range we’ve introduced consists of the following five products:

Well and Good Bread Range

Hamburger Bun: Soft on the inside with a golden chewy exterior, these hamburger buns are an essential building block to the perfect gluten free hamburger.

Mini Baguette: A traditional white bread with a lovely golden crust – ideal for many applications. Make gluten free garlic bread in minutes!

Gluten Free BreadWhite Seeded Bread: A soft white bread with seeds added for added nutrition and taste. Available in small or large loaf.

Slider Rolls: Soft and fluffy dinner rolls which are the perfect accompaniment to your favourite dinner-time meal. Delicious on their own with a knob of butter or used to make sliders and mini rolls.

How to Order

In store: Our range is rolling out through stores in NSW and SA. We’re available in independents supermarkets and health food stores.

Online: If you’re in VIC or NSW, you can visit buyglutenfreedirect.com.au to place your order. We’re currently using Australia Post to ship to customers. If you’re in another part of Australia stay tuned – we’ll be rolling out to additional states over the coming months.

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Coeliac Awareness Week 2017

Coeliac Awareness Week 2017

In Australia, Coeliac Awareness Week will run from Mar 13-20 in 2017. This is a very important week in the calendar of Coeliac Australia as it’s a chance to shine the light on coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity.

“Coeliac disease is a serious medical illness, affecting 1 in 70 of the population. However, 80 per cent of affected Australians remain undiagnosed. Coeliac Australia aims to reach the many thousands of Australians unaware they are living with coeliac disease and help them to recognise symptoms and take steps towards diagnosis and treatment.”

coeliac awareness weekThere are a lot of possible symptoms that are caused by coeliac disease. Some of these include:

  • gastrointestinal symptoms
  • fatigue
  • iron deficiency
  • weight loss
  • bone and joint pains
  • skin rashes
  • easy bruising of the skin

If you think you may have issues with gluten then we recommend seeing your GP or visit this page on the Coeliac Australia website to find out more about diagnosis.

Gluten Free Expo Melbourne Almost Here!

Gluten Free Expo Melbourne Almost Here!

gluten free expo melbourneThe team at Well and God are getting very excited! The Gluten Free Expo Melbourne kicks off this weekend and we’re really looking forward to meeting loads of customers who have been coming to this expo for many years now. Over this time we have built many friendships that extend beyond a buyer-seller relationship. So be sure to come down and say hi.

Sam has baked a big selection of cakes to sample for free. There will also be some exciting Expo-only sales over the weekend so that you can stock up.

A few tips if it’s your first time to this Expo
  1. Get there early to avoid the crowd.
  2. Bring a basket or trolley to make carrying your purchases easy.
  3. Definitely have a chat with Sam at our stand if you have any gluten free baking questions. He is very passionate about this topic and will be more than happy to help you out.
  4. Leave buying chilled items until the end of your visit.
Gluten Free Expo Details:

When: Oct 8-9, 2016

Where: Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Website: http://victas.coeliac.org.au/news-stories/gluten-free-expo-a-great-success/

Melbourne Gluten Free Expo 2016

Melbourne Gluten Free Expo 2016

gluten free expo melbourne

The Melbourne Gluten Free Expo returns for another two days of action, October 8th-9th. As in previous years, the event will be packed with loads of gluten free suppliers offering their delicious foods. As the Expo continues to grow, it is good news for coeliacs and those living on a gluten free diet – certainly the number of gluten free food options has increased massively over the past 5 years!

Well and Good is excited to be attending the 2016 GF Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. As usual we will have a huge amount of samples for visitors to try. The team loves getting the chance to meet customers and gain their feedback on our products or anything else to do with the business. Sam will be attending both days and enjoys having a chat about gluten free baking so if you’re attending, don’t be shy – come up and say hi!

We’ll also be offering some Expo only deals so stay tuned for further details closer to the date.

For more details visit Coeliac Australia here: http://victas.coeliac.org.au/gluten-free-expo/.

NSW Gluten Free Expo 2016

NSW Gluten Free Expo 2016

gluten free expo sydney 2016The first event we’ll be exhibiting at is the NSW Gluten Free Expo which runs from Friday August 26th – Saturday 27th. If you’ve been to one of these shows before, you’ll know we have tonnes of yummy free samples to taste as well as some fantastic Expo only deals. There’s also a wide selection of other suppliers offering a sumptuous selection of gluten free foods.

The Expo is also a great time to meet some of our team and talk about gluten free baking. Sam, founder of Well and Good, always has some expert tips to pass on to help take your gluten free cooking to the next level!

Gluten Free Expo Pricing

Get your extra large suit cases out of the cupboard or maybe even borrow a shopping trolley for the day. With this pricing you’re going to want to stock up big time!

Expo Deals

  • Flour – $5/bag
  • Pancake Mixes – 2 for $5
  • Cake and bread mixes – 3 for $10
  • Mug Cakes – 3 for $5

Sydney GF Expo Online Deal

pancakesFor those of you who can’t make it to the Expo, we haven’t forgotten about you. For a strictly limited time Buy Gluten Free Direct is offering a special giveaway of our super popular green and red pancake mixes.

From August 25-30, use the promo code FPCS with any online order from Buy Gluten Free Direct and receive 2 bags of pancake mix free of charge.

This giveaway applies to our complete range of products; however, the promo code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promo codes.

Upcoming Expos

For those of you that live in Melbourne, we’ll be exhibiting at the GF Expo October 10-11. We’ll also be at Fine Food Australia Sep 12-15. Please note, Fine Food is a trade only show.

RAW Features in Eatwell Magazine

RAW Features in Eatwell Magazine

EatWell MagazineThe team at Well and Good were excited to see our Raw Ingredients range feature in the latest Eatwell Magazine. EatWell is an Australian Magazine that focuses on healthy food and delicious recipes – you can pick up a copy for yourself here.

What’s in this edition of Eatwell?

Do you enjoy a savoury snack? Of course you do! You’ll find two amazing recipes for millet crackers and quinoa waffles that are easy to make but full of nutrition. If you’re interested in increasing the protein in your diet or reducing your sugar intake then these are perfect recipes for you.

For those who enjoy a sweet treat we’ve included a banana bread recipe which uses high protein teff and quinoa flour. This bread is a great choice for a guilt free snack at home or for kid’s lunch boxes.

Want to learn more about Raw?

Eatwell Recipes

Some of the ingredients used in these recipes may be new to you. But don’t let that stop you – to learn more about our range of Raw Ingredients you can click on this link: https://wellandgood.com.au/product-category/raw-ingredients-from-well-and-good-foods/.

Happy and healthy baking!