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An experienced Australian gluten free food manufacturer

Well and Good was created by Managing Director Sam Barak in 2005. Amazingly, it all began in his converted family garage. This is where Sam and Mark Tunchon (Well and Good and Technical Director) developed their strategy, built customer lists, formulated recipes, baked, tested, planned and engineered “Well and Good”.

Where we are today

Today we are a multi-million dollar business at the forefront of the gluten free food industry. A dedicated team has grown over the years and is continually innovating, creating and developing allergen free products and recipes.

Our core strength lies in our ability to effectively design, develop, launch and sell new and innovative products. We have a powerful support team that encompasses technical, quality, design, marketing and sales.

We are proud to be part of the manufacturing industry in Australia, and look forward to continued growth and creating more local jobs.