Resources for Healthy Kids Pack

This Gluten Free Healthy kids pack is designed especially to assist Day-care centers and canteens that have a need to cater for kids with food Allergies and intolerances.

In this resdaycare-packourses section we have included:

  • Healthy and easy Gluten Free recipes, kids will love!
  • Tips on avoiding cross contamination and how to advise.
  • A list of alternatives to eggs, dairy and wheat.

The products chosen for these special packs are:

1. Gluten Free Self Raising Flour = works as a complete substitute for wheat based flour and will suit traditional recipes such as Zucchini slice; corn fritters; savoury muffins; reduced sugar cakes; banana breads and more!
2. Gluten Free Red / Green Pancakes = great as a morning tea or Afternoon Snack; Red is a Sweet snack which is very low in sugar, add fruit and yogurt, for a full meal solution. Green pancakes are savoury and Sugar free, add graded vegetable or cheese and watch them disappear.
3. Gluten free Muffin Mix = this is a treat for special occasions, it’s very versatile – Make mini muffins with fruit or raisins; use this mix to make gluten and dairy free birthday cakes; you can produce a traditional butter cake, a rainbow cake or add cocoa and make a chocolate.
4. Crusty Bread Mix = Excellent Bread option for kids that are Gluten and Wheat Free; it also makes pizza bases; rolls; savoury Scrolls and pastry.

All these products have been selected for functionality and the various related recipes most of which will fit into a basic child care centre menu. Well and Good products are all freeze / thaw stable, affordable and delicious.


In this resources section we have included:

1. Healthy and easy Gluten Free recipes, kids will love!

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2. Tips on avoiding cross contamination and how-to advice.
  • To get tips on avoiding cross contamination click here.
3. A list of alternatives to eggs, dairy and wheat.
  • To learn about substitutes for eggs and dairy click here.
4. What is Gluten Free?

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