NSW Gluten Free Expo 2016

NSW Gluten Free Expo 2016

gluten free expo sydney 2016The first event we’ll be exhibiting at is the NSW Gluten Free Expo which runs from Friday August 26th – Saturday 27th. If you’ve been to one of these shows before, you’ll know we have tonnes of yummy free samples to taste as well as some fantastic Expo only deals. There’s also a wide selection of other suppliers offering a sumptuous selection of gluten free foods.

The Expo is also a great time to meet some of our team and talk about gluten free baking. Sam, founder of Well and Good, always has some expert tips to pass on to help take your gluten free cooking to the next level!

Gluten Free Expo Pricing

Get your extra large suit cases out of the cupboard or maybe even borrow a shopping trolley for the day. With this pricing you’re going to want to stock up big time!

Expo Deals

  • Flour – $5/bag
  • Pancake Mixes – 2 for $5
  • Cake and bread mixes – 3 for $10
  • Mug Cakes – 3 for $5

Sydney GF Expo Online Deal

pancakesFor those of you who can’t make it to the Expo, we haven’t forgotten about you. For a strictly limited time Buy Gluten Free Direct is offering a special giveaway of our super popular green and red pancake mixes.

From August 25-30, use the promo code FPCS with any online order from Buy Gluten Free Direct and receive 2 bags of pancake mix free of charge.

This giveaway applies to our complete range of products; however, the promo code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promo codes.

Upcoming Expos

For those of you that live in Melbourne, we’ll be exhibiting at the GF Expo October 10-11. We’ll also be at Fine Food Australia Sep 12-15. Please note, Fine Food is a trade only show.

RAW Features in Eatwell Magazine

RAW Features in Eatwell Magazine

EatWell MagazineThe team at Well and Good were excited to see our Raw Ingredients range feature in the latest Eatwell Magazine. EatWell is an Australian Magazine that focuses on healthy food and delicious recipes – you can pick up a copy for yourself here.

What’s in this edition of Eatwell?

Do you enjoy a savoury snack? Of course you do! You’ll find two amazing recipes for millet crackers and quinoa waffles that are easy to make but full of nutrition. If you’re interested in increasing the protein in your diet or reducing your sugar intake then these are perfect recipes for you.

For those who enjoy a sweet treat we’ve included a banana bread recipe which uses high protein teff and quinoa flour. This bread is a great choice for a guilt free snack at home or for kid’s lunch boxes.

Want to learn more about Raw?

Eatwell Recipes

Some of the ingredients used in these recipes may be new to you. But don’t let that stop you – to learn more about our range of Raw Ingredients you can click on this link: https://wellandgood.com.au/product-category/raw-ingredients-from-well-and-good-foods/.

Happy and healthy baking!

5 Gluten Free Recipes To Fight Off The Winter blues

5 Gluten Free Recipes To Fight Off The Winter blues

5 gluten free recipes

Winter is descending on Australia and in some places the temperatures are starting to drop. Being cooped up inside can be a bit of a downer. The good news is, rain or shine, you can always get busy in the kitchen. To help you out, we’ve compiled 5 of our team’s favourite winter gluten free recipes for you to enjoy.

5 winter gluten free recipes

1. The classic Aussie pie

Gluten Free Shortcrust Pastry

The classic Aussie pie, it’s as much at home at a Footy game as it is in a fine dining restaurant. At home, you can dress your pie up or down depending on how much time you have and what the occasion is. Here’s our shortcrust pastry recipe. Now all you need to do is get creative and stuff with your favourite filling.

Shortcrust pastry recipe>

2.  Chocolate Mud Cake
Chocolate Mud Cake

Chocolate mud cake – the chocolate lover’s indulgence. A rich chocolately, fudgey cake that everyone loves. This treat is best served topped with luxurious chocolate ganache and a big dollop of cream. Create one large mud cake or mini cakes in a muffin tray that you can munch on like pretzels. Either way you’re onto a winner.

Mud cake recipe>

3. Pizza
Pizza Dough Recipe

Our challenge to you is this: bring us one person that doesn’t like pizza! Savoury or sweet, seafood or steak, Funghi or Hawaiian, there’s a topping to suit everyone’s taste. Although gluten free pizza bases have got a bad rap over recent years for their texture, we can assure you this recipe provides a wonderful soft base.

Pizza recipe>

4. Torillas

Soft Tortila WrapsTortillas are a household item in many Aussie homes. Just because you can’t have gluten in your diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Make your gluten free tortillas then stuff them full of delicious, fresh ingredients. Add some hot and spicy salsa sauce, close you eyes and picture yourself in Cancun to warm your winter away.

Tortilla recipe>

5. Bownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

choc brownieBrownies: on their own or used to make ice cream sandwiches, it doesn’t matter. Anything that involves brownies is a good thing. You can whip these up in no time and they really do taste as good as those that are made from wheat flour. Now all you need is your favourite box-set of DVDs and you’re set for that next cold and wet day.

Brownie recipe>

What’s your favourite winter gluten free recipe?

Join us on Facebook and upload a pic of your favourite winter snack.

Food Allergy Week 2016

Food Allergy Week 2016

paint a finger

Did you know?

In Australia we are up there as one of the highest countries for incidences of food allergies. Unfortunately the numbers are on the rise; actually, reported incidences are growing at a really high rate. Currently, around 10% of Australians will develop a food allergy. Some of the more common causes of food allergies include tree nuts, peanuts, soy, dairy, gluten and seafood.

We’ve provided below some practical advice for identifying someone who is having an allergic reaction and how to help. This information is also available in infographic format below which was created by www.allergyfacts.org.au.

Some common symptoms of an allergic reaction
  • Swelling of the face, lips, eyes, lips, tongue, throat
  • Stomach pain and vomiting
  • Hives and welts
  • Dizziness, collapse, pale and floppy
  • Difficulty breathing
What to do if someone has a moderate reaction
  1. Stay with the person and call for help
  2. Give medications prescribed
  3. Locate an adrenaline injector (if available)
  4. Call their emergency contact
What to do if someone has a severe reaction
  1. Lay the person flat (sit up if they’re having trouble breathing.
  2. Administer the adrenaline autoinjector
  3. Call ambulance
  4. Call emergency contact
  5. After 5 minutes if there is no response or the reaction worsens, administer a second adrenaline autoinjector.
Food Allergy Week 2016

Food Allergy Week 2016

To get more information about Food Allergy Week visit this website.

10 High Tea Recipes for Mother’s Day

10 High Tea Recipes for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day on the horizon you may be thinking about what sweet treats to whip up for mum on her special day. Deciding what to bake can be a tougher decision if someone is coeliac or gluten sensitive. To help you out, we’ve pulled together 10 of the best gluten free Mothers Day recipes. All of them gluten free. Enjoy!

cupcakes1. Marble Cake:

Bake an eye-catching marble cake made of vanilla cake with streaks of chocolate through it. Topped with pink icing and you’re onto a winner. Get recipe>

2. Scones:

Scones are a classic snack, topped with jam and cream. What mum doesn’t like scones? Get Recipe>

3. Cupcakes:

There’s something about cupcakes that makes them hard to resist. Choose a range of different icing colours and sprinkles for maximum visual effect. Get Recipe>

4. Muffins:

Creating muffins is so easy with our Muffin Mix. Get creative and add a range of different add-ins such as blueberries or chocolate to make sure everyone’s happy with the flavours. Get Recipe>

5. Mudcake:

This is such a popular cake and for good reason. Mud cakes are rich and indulgent and everyone loves them. Top with yummy ganache for the perfect cake. Get Recipe>

Gluten Free Choux Pastry Recipe.

6. Profiteroles:

This is a recipe for choux pastry, which is used to make profiteroles. These take a little more work than other alternatives like muffins and cup cakes but the end result will be worth it! Get Recipe>

7. Pine Lime Cheesecake:

There are cheesecakes, and then there are cheesecakes like this one. Not only does it look and taste awesome, it’s made from nutritious raw flours which contain more fibre and protein than your regular flours. Mum’s going to really appreciate the effort you went to with one. Get Recipe>

8. Carrot Cake:

gluten free carrot cakeLike the cheesecake mentioned above, this recipe also uses nutritious gluten free flours. This carrot cake is called the Best Ever Carrot Cake for a reason. Get Recipe>

9. Lamingtons:

An Aussie classic and popular with a lot of mums out there. The humble Lamington is quick to make and so tasty to eat. Get Recipe>

10. Viennese Biscuits:

Using our biscuit mix, these gluten free Viennese biscuits are super easy to make and really good to eat. Get Recipe>

So now it’s time to get busy in the kitchen and try out some of these recipes. That way, you’ll be prepared for May 8th when the big day arrives.