6 Must-Try Gluten Free Cake Recipes

6 Must-Try Gluten Free Cake Recipes

Discover how to create an exciting range of gluten free cakes.

Hand picked recipes chosen for their amazing flavour and texture.

gluten free cake recipes

When we started out in the gluten free business over a decade ago it’s fair to say that gluten free food either didn’t exist or had a reputation for tasting really bad. Luckily things have changed drastically for those on a gluten free diet; there are brands that provide quick, easy gluten free solutions. There are also a huge selection of recipes out there that substitute traditional wheat flour for gluten free alternatives.

Gluten free cake recipes that you’ll love

At Well and Good we love sharing our passion for food and our ever-expanding list of recipes. Our first two considerations before publishing any recipe is flavour and texture. After all, if either of these two factors are lacking then the food will taste very average. Once we’re happy with the quality of the recipe, we also ensure it’s simple. People are busy. We get that. So we don’t provide hugely complex or time consuming recipes – they’re mostly toss ingredients in a bowl, mix then bake type recipes that usually take under 10 minutes preparation time.

gluten free mudcake recipe1. Gluten free mudcake

We wanted to kick off this list off with our gluten free mud cake. A rich, chocolate cake with a yummy fudge texture. It’s so easy to make using our Mudcake Mix. If you’re more of a scratch baker, then read on as we have recipes that allow you to get more creative in the kitchen.

This is a decadent cake which is perfect for an at home snack or can be dressed up for a crowd pleasing perfect birthday cake that everyone can enjoy.

View mudcake recipe here>

gluten free sponge cake recipe2. Gluten free sponge cake

A Victorian sponge cake is always popular. It’s usually one of the first foods to disappear at kids birthday parties and adults seem to enjoy them just as much. A simple one layer cake topped with cream or a majestic double layered work of art, you decide.

We’ve ensured that making your sponge will be simple and forget about a failed sponge that’s flat as a pancake. This recipe uses our sponge mix that allows you to create a beautiful looking cake every time.

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gluten free hummingbird cake recipe3. Gluten free Hummingbird cake

This cake recipe allows you to bake a stunning looking layered hummingbird cake from scratch. If you’re a bit short on time, forget the tiers and keep it simple with just one cake layer.

This cake combines gluten free flour and cinnamon with banana and pineapple to create a moist, flavour filled plate of yumminess. Add a cream cheese frosting along with walnuts, pecans or almonds to add extra texture.

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marble cake recipe4. Gluten free marble cake recipe

There’s something about marble cakes that makes them hard to resist. The swirling coloured cake complimented by pink icing make this recipe a great choice for your next tea party.

This recipe is made from our marble cake mix and can be whipped up in a few minutes. The pink icing is included to make life even easier.

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gluten free carrot cake recipe5. Best ever carrot cake

We labelled this cake – the best ever carrot cake. That’s a pretty bold statement but we think it’s a suitable title for this masterpiece of a cake.

It is a bake from scratch cake which uses a combination of sorghum and rice flour as the alternative to wheat flour. Whether you like carrots or not, we think you’re going to love this recipe.

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lime and coconut cheese cake
6. Cheesecake

Who doesn’t enjoy a cheesecake. This version is a fresh tasting treat that looks spectacular on the plate. It takes a bit longer to make than buying a store bought one, but we assure you the effort is worth it.

We’ve used gluten free flours that are high in fibre and protein for a bit of added nutrition.

View lime and coconut cheesecake recipe>

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Gluten Free Bread Baking

Well and Good are passionate about creating products and recipes for people living with intolerances and allergies to certain foods. Our gluten free bread recipe is a wheat free bread, and can be a yeast free bread also. It is perfectly suited to those avoiding these allergenic foods.

Gluten free bread baking the easy way

This gluten free bread recipe is easy to follow, and with our fantastic products readily available, making gluten free bread has never been so easy. The bread recipes we have available online make delicious, perfectly textured bread. All of our savoury and sweet recipes are suitable for the entire family.

These days with the increase in allergies and intolerances to certain foods, it is becoming popular for people to cook and eat avoiding common foods such as yeast, wheat and gluten that so many people find intolerable. Well and Good are constantly creating new recipes and products to suit people avoiding these foods. Bake at home, and enjoy your creation with breakfast, lunch or dinner – you will never know it’s missing anything!

Top tips for baking gluten free bread

If you’re starting out in baking non-traditional bread without wheat, it’s important to remember that gluten free flours work a little differently. To make it a little easier, we’ve pulled together a handy infographic that gives the top 5 tips for baking gluten free bread.

5 Gluten Free Bread Baking Tips

Best of luck with your baking! If you decide to use Well and Good bread mixes, we’d love for you to share your creations with us. You can contact us or share on our Facebook page.

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Bake Gluten Free Pizza

Bake Gluten Free Pizza

Bake Gluten Free Pizza

When living with a gluten free diet or cooking for someone who does, sometimes people assume that some foods are simply off limits. Not when cooking with Well and Good. We are here to show you that all those delicious meals, snacks and desserts are all possible to make and enjoy. Including a delicious gluten free pizza base. Our recipe makes a traditional, mouth-watering pizza base that is gluten, wheat, soy, egg, nut and dairy free. We can now all enjoy a pizza, whether living with an allergy or not. Our pizza base is easy to make and can be modified to create the perfect texture. Our base can also be put in the freezer, so you are always ready for pizza night!

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Wheat Free Recipes

Wheat Free Recipes

Our very popular wheat free recipes are suitable for wheat, gluten, soy, egg, dairy, and nut intolerant people. As more and more people are being diagnosed with suffering common allergies these days we understand there is a need in the market for appetizing allergy-friendly recipe ideas and food products. Our recipes such as our delicious vanilla slice or ciabatta rolls, are always a winner – no matter what the occasion is.

Wheat free recipes you’ll love

Finding a great wheat free bread recipe isn’t the easiest task. We know there are many recipe ideas out there, however finding one that makes bread that is both tasty and the right texture can be difficult. With our expert team on board, we have created various delicious recipes which create foods without wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy with some yeast and egg-less options also. We have recipes and ideas for you to start enjoying today!

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Gluten Free Foods

Gluten Free Foods

At Well and Good we know you will keep coming back to buy our gluten free products after you have tried our gluten and wheat free foods. We make sure all of our gluten free foods and gluten free products are tried and tested and pass the delicious test.

You can be certain that when you buy gluten free food and wheat free foods, the products are not only delectable and affordable but completely safe. So remember… buy gluten free food and wheat free foods at Well and Good!

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